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Test runs at the Wenger Technical Center dramatically increased our understanding of the extrusion process, and had a direct impact on our product quality and our factories’ productivity. — Mads Speichert, EWOS Innovation

Wenger Technical Center

The Wenger Technical Center is an agrifood laboratory equipped with the latest in research and production scale extrusion and drying equipment for the exclusive use of our clients and customers. We’ll help you discover new ideas and concepts others have missed. Then, we’ll help you turn them into reality.

  • Plan projects
  • Develop product prototypes
  • Perform laboratory analysis
  • Develop processes to manufacture the product
  • Assistance to get your product to market faster than you could do it alone
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Test Your Products & Procedures

A typical demonstration in the Wenger Technical Center will require one full day, including pre- and post-extrusion discussions and project review.

Generally, the program consists of numerous runs, the scope of which will depend upon the materials processed and the equipment being evaluated. Those factors, of course, are limited only by your wishes and imagination. Employing a long list of equipment and procedures, we're prepared to test and analyze anything and everything including breakfast cereal, pet food, aquatic feed, and textured vegetable protein products.

Access to equipment

  • C2TX Conical Co-Rotating Twin Screw Extruder
  • Sanitary 2 Pass Dryer/Cooler
  • X-165 Optima Single Screw Extruder
  • Magnum ST Twin Screw Extruders