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PetFLEX™ Twin Screw Extruders

One of Wenger's innovative FLEX™ series extrusion systems 


Possibly the most flexible and versatile Wenger extrusion system ever designed for pet foods and treats.


  • Two available models:  PFX-3000, PFX-600
  • Excellent for standard kibble, premium and high fresh meat kibble, and treats
  • High thermal energy design, flexible for medium- and high-sheer applications
  • Pre-conditioner steam levels (using the Wenger HIP) can be up to 12%.
  • Unique screw profile allows for optimizing steam injection in barrel
  • Excellent durability - the unique metallurgy along with specially designed rotating elements and barrel results in improved wear life and unmatched system uptime
  • Enhanced mixing through the preconditioner and extrusion barrel
  • Allows for very high levels of fresh meat inclusion (fresh meat slurry lines highlighted in red on graphic above)
  • Intuitive and interactive control interface provides operators with precise control and montoring of production
  • Flexible to accomodate alternative and unconventional ingredients
  • Superior product uniformity and density control

The PetFLEX design enables production of a wide range of products from the same screw set-up, improving uptime and efficiency




Wenger's FLEX™ extruders use a unique screw configuration to create processing zones that allow for higher shear and high thermal energy transfer.  This results in stable, uniform production of a wide variety of products, without “surging” that often happens with single screw designs.  


How is Wenger able to accomplish all this? Contact us and ask about the new PetFLEX technology


pet flex PFX 600






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