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FoodMake Plant-Based Foods, Snacks, and Ingredients

  • Extrusion Cooking Systems

    • Continuous, highly stable process

    • Versatility to make new food options

    • Customized configurations to meet your unique needs

  • Abundant Product Possibilities

    • Textured vegetable proteins, meat analogs, dry and wet texturization

    • Crisps, breadings, RTE cereals, fortified rice, snacks, modified starches

  • Measurable Benefits

    • Improved output-to-energy ratios 

    • Increased life of critical screw and barrel components

    • Reduced operating costs - simplified maintenance

Textured Vegetable Proteins

Wenger has a long history with textured vegetable proteins, dating back to the origination of TVP in the 1960's.  In the decades since, Wenger has continued to innovate extrusion systems, dies, controls, and dryers/coolers that can produce an expanded range of textured proteins, including those that closely imitate the texture and mouth feel of whole muscle meat. Wenger's process and ingredient knowledge is unmatched in the industry and enables us to assist clients in meeting their product goals.


  • TVP made from soy, pea, chickpea, wheat gluten, lentil, lupin, rice, legume and other plant-based proteins
  • Available in many shapes and sizes including nuggets, chunks, strips, milled, minced, and flaked
  • Recipe add-ins: salt, coloring, starches, oils, and flavors

High Moisture Meat Analogs (HMMA)

  • Designed to mimic whole muscle meat including beef, poultry, pork, fish, and turkey
  • Have a densely layered, fibrous structure
  • Near fully hydrated and handled like real meat post-extrusion

Structured Meat Analogs (SMP)


Fibrous Soy Proteins (FSP)


Textured Meat Proteins (TMP) & Hybrids



Pet Flex



The PowerHeaterTM technology is an extrusion process with an emphasis on indirect, thermal cooking. This enables a wider range of softer textures and fibers for vegetable proteins and hybrids.  For more information, visit the Source Technology website.

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Pet Flex

Protein Crisps

Wenger offers industry-leading experience and equipment solutions to produce consistent quality extruded crisps in two primary categories:

  • Protein Fortified Crisps
  • Cereal Crisps

Extruded crisps can be used in a wide variety of foods including

  • Protein and Nutrition bars
  • Protein snacks
  • Granola mix
  • Cereal bars
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Confections

Wenger's ingredient experience for crisps includes (but is not limited to): 

Soy, Pea, Rice, Wheat, Corn, Starch


By combining Wenger's process experience with innovative twin screw extrusion and drying solutions, the possibilities produce crisps in various sizes, shapes, colors, ingredient combinations, and protein levels are nearly endless.

Pet Flex
Pet Flex

Breadcrumbs and Related Products

Wenger systems are ideal for producing breadings and modified starches. Extrusion cooking offers many advantages over conventional baking, especially for gluten-free breadings. All essential steps from traditional baking are accomplished in the extrusion process: mixing, kneading, proofing, shaping, rising, and baking. Extrusion systems can reduce equipment costs, labor, and energy costs compared to other methods, and typically require less space.



  • Expanded and dense varieties
  • A porous cellular structure produces a tender breading

Stuffing, Croutons, Flat Breads, Breadsticks


Modified Starches and Flour

  • Cooked grains

  • Instant Cereals

  • Sauces

Cracker Meal


Rusk Breading

  • Can be mixed in cutlets, patties or ground meat to bind meat and flavorings when fried


  • Flaky bread crumb used as a crunchy coating for fried foods

RTE Cereals

Extrusion cooking of ready-to-eat breakfast cereals offers processing advantages over conventional methods:

  • Easily change the extruder for countless shapes and textures
  • Apply coatings with various flavors and additives
  • Products with higher nutritional value and textural variety

Direct Expanded Cereals

Using a short length/high-speed process, direct expanded breakfast cereals can be created with many options.

  • Water and flavoring slurries can be added to raw materials
  • Pressure, temperature and moisture combine to create steam that expands the product
  • Rapid evaporative cooling results in the product structure
  • Barrel length can be adjusted to deal with special recipes, such as those containing more than 50% oat flour

Flaked Breakfast Cereals

  • Less energy is added to the product via friction due to higher moisture content and lower viscosity of the product
  • Product is held in a low shear environment for up to 2 minutes
  • Product is discharged with limited expansion, forming a bead that can be cooled and flaked

Infant Cereals

  • Ingredients may include corn, wheat, and rice 

  • Instant hydration and partially cooked


Pet Flex
Pet Flex


Produce snack foods in an variety of controlled shapes, sizes, colors, and textures from a wide slection of ingredients using Wenger's twin screw extruders.  Wenger also offers low-shear, sanitary, and thermally efficient forming extruders to produce delicately formed and shaped snacks and flaked cereals.


Shape Flexibility

  • Curls, Balls, Tubes, Rings, Puffs

  • Flakes, Chips

  • Complex shapes and textures

Ingredient Flexibility

  • Rice and corn flours, grits and meals

  • Ancient grains (such as quinoa or sorghum)

  • Dried fruit powders

  • Vegetables (such as peas or pumpkin)


Other Foods

Precooked Reformed Rice

  • Utilization of all kernals (including broken)

  • Create unique flavors, shapes, colors

  • Fortify with vitamins and minerals

Precooked Pasta

  • Extrusion significantly reduces processing time vs. traditional cooking methods





Co-Extruded / Filled products


Bean and Lentil Analogs

Pet Flex

Coating and Drying Systems


Wenger offers post-extrusion coating solutions for savory and sweet snacks and cereals.  Systems can include:


  • Mixing and feed tanks
  • Liquid preparation kettles
  • Seasoning feeders and reels
  • Coating machines (sugar, cocoa, non-fat dry milk, corn syrup, honey, molasses)
  • Nut, fruit, and granola bits additive systems

For more information, click here


Post-extrusion dryers & ovens are custom designed to fit each client's application and capacity requirements.  Wenger offers a wide range of single- or multi-pass dryers/coolers and ovens:



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    Twin screw extruders from Wenger allow you to produce a wide variety of ingredients, snacks, crisps, breadings, and cereals from the same setup without major modifications.

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    Textured proteins and meat analogs can be challenging to produce without the right equipment and process knowledge. Fortunately, Wenger has expertise in every aspect needed to influence and control textured protein quality.

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