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Dust Tight Downspout

Precision Engineered and Manufactured to Eliminate Dusting during Startup and Operation

A smart and economical upgrade for your older style Wenger extrusion system, the Dust Tight Downspout is designed and manufactured to elimimate gaps or air leaks and maintain dust-free operation from start-up to full operation.


With a standard inlet valve, dusting can sometimes occur, especially during startup, when product in the preconditioner is not fully moisturized.  The dust can create a sub-optimal work environment and a mess on the floor around the preconditioner.


With this new design, underprocessed material is routed to a downspout for disposal until the consistancy (i.e. moisture level) is correct.  Then, a simple change of a flap valve routes product into the extruder inlet.  Precise, air-tight construction from high-grade material keeps product and dust inside the valve and downspout - not in your workspace air.


Valves are offered in various configuration to fit your Wenger extruder and preconditioner exactly, and Wenger service technicians are available for mechanical and electrical installation.

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