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Waste Recovery System

Reduce Costs and Avoid Re-contamination by Reclaiming Startup/Shutdown Product

Wenger's Waste Recovery System (WRS) reclaims wet, under-processed product that cannot be recycled through the dryer as dry re-work.  In some instances, the savings for energy, water, and product can easily total more than $100,000 annually.


  • Wet, under-processed product from extruder/preconditioner startup/shutdown is reclaimed and added back into the process, eliminating the need for off-premise disposal
  • Improve housekeeping in extrusion area by collecting fines discharging from the preconditioner
  • Improve operator comfort by reducing steam and product fines discharging from preconditioner
  • Extend life of preconditioner bearings and seals by removing excess steam in the preconditioner
  • Generate hot water for liquefying step, process water, or other unit operations

Wenger also offers a "mini" WRS for capturing emissions from the preconditioner vent, preventing a possible source for contamination.

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