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Commitment to Sustainability Dryers

Conveyance dryers and coolers typically require significant energy to operate. As part of Wenger’s overall commitment to sustainability, our dyers are engineered with a features and options to provide energy-efficient functionality and reduce environmental impacts. 

Here’s how:



  • Heat source options.  Choose from gas, steam, or electric. 

  • Advanced controls.  Enables precise control over every aspect of operation

  • Adjustable airflow through the product bed.  Increases drying efficiency and reduces energy consumption.  Reduces uneven drying and product waste

  • Exact fit construction.  Minimizes air leaks and heat loss

  • Insulation.  Roof, floor, and sides are insulated to reduce heat loss

  • AC Variable Frequency Drives (VFD).  Allows conveyors to operate in an energy efficient manner

  • Factory Tested.  Reduces time and travel for startup assistance as well as start-up energy costs.

  • Rugged, proven designs.  Reduces downtime, maintenance, and re-start costs.

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