Our Systems

At Wenger, we believe each client deserves individualized attention and no process is stamped as standard. A Wenger system becomes uniquely your system.

In fact, the Wenger line includes 14 different sizes of twin and single screw extruders with capacities from 100 kg/hour to more than 20 tonne/hour. Naturally, we offer a choice of dryers/coolers, flavor coating and enrobing systems, and control systems as well. It's just one more reason Wenger has become one of the world's leading suppliers of extrusion cooking systems for grain and food processing.

Our broad range of products makes it possible for Wenger to match the machine(s) to the exact requirements of each customer, whether the application is:

  • Food - ready-to-eat cereals, pastas, snack foods, breadings, and textured vegetable proteins
  • Pet Foods and Treats - dry, semi-moist, high meat, co-extruded, multi-colored, novelty shapes
  • Aquatic Feeds - floating, sinking, slow-sinking, and specialty products
  • Industrial - biodegradable packing material, oilseed processing, starch-based products, detergents